Authentic Scoparolo cheese

In peasant homes, the cellars were often full of wine casks meaning that although cheeses needed to be placed in cool, shady areas, they would be shut up in cupboards, together with tools, above all, brooms. This is why, when the farmer asked the boy to go and get a cheese, he would ask for a “scoparolo”. It is a ewes’ milk cheese, matured using artisan methods, and with a ripe ochre-coloured rind. The cheese itself is straw-coloured with a compact, lightly chalky consistency. It has an intense fragrance and a strong taste.
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Ingredients: pasteurized ewes’ milk, milk enzymes, rennet (from veal), salt. Surface treated with linseed oil. Rice flour on the crust Allergens: a product made using ewes’ milk, which contains traces of lactose.
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