Cold meats and salami

Cold meats and Salami

Salt is how our taste buds gauge flavour. It’s no coincidence then that cold meats, the protagonists of tables all over Italy, get their name “salumi” from the word for salt, because they are a unique example of a traditional when it comes to taste.  Italian cured meat products are generally - but not always - made using pork, and their history dates back over centuries of careful workmanship and artisan expertise.  The salting process is what makes prosciutto, speck, ham, and fiocco stand out, and also sausage-style products like salami, mortadella, and pancetta, which are cured in natural skin.  The curing process is what makes cold meats so special, even more so when it is accompanied by flavours such as truffle, fennel, chilli pepper, wine or game meat, with its more intense flavour. Familiarity with the production processes and the typical areas in which each one is made, means we can offer our customers the very best cold meats to create special dishes, or to serve up on a mixed platter to astound guests with a range of new flavours.

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