Tortellini Bologna 500g

Tortellini are the symbol of the city of Bologna. Legend would have it that tortellini were made by an innkeeper who wanted their shape to reproduce Venus’ navel. Tortellini are typically served for Christmas and according to tradition, they are cooked and eaten in chicken or capon broth. But they are also tasty when served with cream, in meat sauce or in a timballo.
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Ingredients: fresh egg pasta (soft wheat flour, “00” type, pasteurised eggs, durum wheat semolina, salt). Filling: pork, Grana Padano (milk, salt, rennet, preservative: lysozyme), Parmigiano Reggiano (cows’ milk, salt) mortadella (pork, salt, milk protein, flavourings, spices, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, preservative: sodium nitrite), prosciutto crudo (pork, salt, preservative: sodium nitrate) grated bread (soft wheat flour, water, yeast), salt, nutmeg, white pepper. Allergens: sulphur dioxide, peanuts, shellfish, nuts, gluten, milk and derivatives, fish, celery, sesame, mustard, soya, egg.
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