Our bond with the land means we can harvest its best fruits (1969-1999)


La Vecchia Malga was founded in 1969 by Rino Chiari and his wife, Mara. The business started out by importing the freshest produce from the areas in which it is made, before selling it to the best retailers in Bologna. During this period, direct knowledge of local businesses allowed the Chiari family to create a network of trusted suppliers and to be able to count on the distribution of top-quality foods. This led to an expanding market: first to Modena and then soon after, throughout Italy.


Vecchia Malga stores: the taste scene (2000-­2016)


On the basis of this experience, the Chiari family came to understand that not only is a good product enjoyed by eating it, but it also needs to be “tasted” by looking at it. From this came the decision to offer customers a place where they could see the great foods and wines on offer from the Bel Paese, all in one place. Shops and tasting points were opened, offering the opportunity to enjoy typical products in a setting of traditional taste, inspired by the shops under Bologna’s Torre degli Asinelli.


The best of Italy, selected just for you (2017)


A new site has been opened, a virtual store with a wealth of typical produce and excellences from the beautiful regions of Italy, proof of the Chiari family’s abiding passion for food and wine. Now, as then, we are committed to selecting the best products and suppliers of the highest level, in absolute compliance with traditional processing methods.

We source fresh, wholesome produce that come directly from their traditional areas of production.  It is Vecchia Malga’s ambition to bring you the very best of what Italy produces: from cheese to cold meats, preserves and wines. Vecchia Malga is the go-to store for anyone with a love of good food and great dining, especially if they enjoy the flavours of dishes from Emilia Romagna.

Customer are invited to organise a visit in person, to see for themselves the produce selected by Vecchia Malga and breathe in the particular atmosphere of the tasting points in the style of traditional old Bologna, the city of towers, constantly reaching for the sky, with its wooden porticoes, red brick buildings and the pleasure of food that comes from the patient work of curing and ripening, to obtain tasty, refined foods that are satisfying in every sense.